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Welcome to expertIP – Allstream’s new blog for Canadian network professionals. Our focus is on providing expert insight and useful information to help you find solutions for your business’s networking and communications challenges.

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Let’s face it: the life of an IT professional isn’t getting simpler. There’s more complexity in everything you do. One of our objectives is to simplify that complexity by helping you make the right decisions about evolving your network today to make your business stronger tomorrow.

As I see it, the ultimate purpose of expertIP is to support a community of experts like you. We want to facilitate conversations among professionals who are dealing with these key challenges:

  • The evolution of networks to cloud-based models
  • The trend toward virtualization and consolidation in IT resources
  • Massive growth in data (and data management) needs
  • The emergence of the virtual workplace, enabled by mobility capabilities
  • The convergence of voice, video and data into unified networks
  • The ongoing challenge of network security and cybercrime
  • Creating or strengthening your business continuity and disaster recovery strategies

As the name of our blog suggests, the focus of our community is ‘IP’: a reference to the power of Internet Protocol connectivity to help you manage costs, drive network performance and improve productivity. IP connectivity, in our view, is the great enabler of today’s networking strategies.

But the name has other meanings. IP is also short for intellectual property – or content. And that’s what we’re here to provide: expert, authentic, accessible information to help you do your job better in big ways and small.

The bottom line is that every day, IT professionals are being tasked to do more with less and make decisions that are increasingly strategic to the success of the overall business. None of this is easy. We’re here to help.

I hope you will join the conversation at expertIP – not just learning from the experts in our community but contributing your own views to help others like you.

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You’ll notice a special focus on SIP trunking in this inaugural edition, since we’re now hosting a cross-country series of events to help customers understand how SIP can simplify infrastructures and improve your network convergence ROI. Be sure to check if there’s an upcoming event in your area. You can see an overview of recent events in Toronto and keep an eye out for our upcoming SIP Supplement – a complete buyer’s guide to SIP.

We’ve also got interesting posts on cloud and disaster recovery, as well as bring your own device (BYOD) and a futuristic look at the next mobile device: the human body.

Enjoy the conversation and check back often, as we’ll be posting new content daily. And if you haven’t already, you can sign up for our monthly blog digest (Mindshift subscribers automatically qualify).

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