What Apple’s latest products mean for network needs

Great insight from Riverbed, and four other recent must-reads we liked

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iPad Air 2 Apple network admins

Apple wowed the crowd this week with the iPad Air 2 and some super-large monitors, but those iOS 8 gadgets may cause some pain inside the enterprise. An executive from Allstream partner Riverbed Technology looks at the data tsunami headache that products from Apple and other firms are bringing to network admins.

Who are the self-proclaimed “Gods of the Internet?” According to CNET, it’s those behind DDoS attacks. Read this fascinating interview with DerpTrolling, one of the people trying to bring your network down.

Among the more provocative ideas to be published this week, read Tsahi Levent-Levi’s on NoJitter.com about the three things that are making unified communications difficult to pull off.

If you were among those who couldn’t get away to New York for the recent Interop event, this is a great roundup on a key theme: why IT leaders should embrace “shadow IT.”

And finally, some good news for the weekend: According to some research profiled on The Register, IPv4 traffic is slowing down and IPv6 is finally picking up steam.

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