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What if IPv6 adoption flatlines?

Five stories published today with news and advice you can use

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Here’s a roundup of some of the top IP communications stories making the rounds today:

  • On CircleD, gogo6 CEO Bruce Sinclair sounds a warning note about IPv6 adoption possibly hitting a wall. “Since there is no end user demand for IPv6, they are not innovators driving the market,” he says. “To understand the IPv6 market end user adoption is far less meaningful than the adoption of the implementers of IPv6.”
  • Once you virtualize IT or network infrastructure, you have to be able to manage it. On the Virtualization Review, Jason Cowie offers a checklist for choosing a virtualization management platform, including thoughts on the cloud and licencing models.
  • IT departments may be more interested in big data, but that doesn’t mean their departmental counterparts are. A post on the HBR blog tries to figure how to make sure big data doesn’t encounter the failure rate of CRM, given the skepticism it may face from salespeople.
  • WAN optimization is a great way to prioritize bandwidth, and TechTarget published a post Thursday that looked at inbound QoS functionality from Riverbed that could better control traffic — especially that coming from mobile devices.
  • And finally, BankInfoSecurity goes through the latest revision to the NIST guide to IT security incident response and comes up with six key tactics you need to know. U.S.-based, but applicable to organizations in Canada too.
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