What Star Wars conceived as videoconferencing may finally come to Earth

This video shows how the presentation of data is bringing sci-fi dreams to life

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It’s one of the earliest and most provocative demonstrations of how technology could change the way we interact with each other. Not a futuristic phone, not the Star Trek Tri-corder, but the holographic communication system that replicated face-to-face conversations in the Star Wars movies.

Although the use of holographic communication sometime seemed a bit spotty in the Star Wars movies, and although we’re still not quite there yet, a recent video from Microsoft Research shows that digital displays are allowing for all kinds of opportunities around the visualization and presentation of data. If the industry can build on this and facilitate real-time conversations, the future of videoconferencing — and unified communications in general — may never be the same. Check it out.

photo credit: ▓▒░ TORLEY ░▒▓ via photopin cc

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