What to Consider Before Moving Your Backup and Recovery to the Public Cloud

cloud backup and recovery image

If you’re thinking about moving your backup and recovery to the cloud, you might want to check out CA ARCserve’s tip sheet, “The Top 10 Best Practices to Leverage the Public Cloud for Backup and Disaster Recovery”. This tip sheet recommends a combination of both local and cloud protection, as “the best performance—99 percent of the time—will be delivered by using resources local (on-premise) to the systems and data being protected.” However, the public cloud should still be considered, as it offers “virtually unlimited server and storage resources and can be extremely flexible because you can add and remove resources as needed and use operational budgets (OPEX) instead of capital budgets (CAPEX).” For nine more best practices on using the public cloud for backup and disaster recovery, see the ARCserve tip sheet.


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