What’s New in the 2012 SMB Communications Plans and Priorities Report

Priorities and plans are great, but some SMBs are caught between a rock and a hard place.

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Image from 2012 SMB report.

A new study by Webtutorials explores the key challenges and opportunities faced by small- to mid-sized businesses with regard to data and unified communications. The 2012 SMB Communications Plans and Priorities report found that more SMBs are using older and outdated technologies that are impacting the productivity of their employees. This can cost a 50-person company $950,000, as compared to companies with more advanced technologies.

This survey of over 200 companies with 11-500 employees also revealed that:

  • Cost is a key factor in technology adoption. Lowering total cost of ownership (TCO) and operations remains the number one goal and decision-making factor with respect to technology adoption.
  • The Cloud is becoming more popular with SMBs. There is more familiarity with cloud computing and the potential value it can provide SMBs as a competitive equalizer against larger competitors.
  • SMBs rank technology standards, adequate in-house skills and cost containment as top priorities. However, standards don’t necessarily guarantee interoperability.

Adoption of newer technology amongst SMBs can be tricky, because these companies face unique challenges from larger enterprises. According to the report, these challenges include lack of capital, the need for skilled technologists and the need to see payback. The report suggests that adoption of unified communications and cloud services can in fact allow SMBs to extend to new markets through mobile/extended workforces while reducing the need to increase fixed costs such as office space and infrastructure.

For more information, download the 2012 SMB Communications Plans and Priorities report.

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