Where UCaaS fits into CIO priorities

In this short video clip, Allstream VP Marketing Tom Jolly talks about the extra benefits of moving to a cloud-based collaboration platform.

“There’s an investment that’s made in the underlying network infrastructure that is a lot more resilient and a lot more secure than what you could create on a premise environment.”

CIOs are always focused on lowering their costs, but the traditional way to do that has been to simply renew a Centrex contract a a 10 percent discount. That doesn’t bring the benefits of increased productivity to the table which IT leaders are also looking for, he suggested.

“The HCS model looks very similar to Centrex but brings in a lot more value, a rich collaboration experience and at a very competitive price point.”

Watch the full clip for more from Jolly along with Mike Ansley, managing director of partner and solutions at Cisco Systems of Canada.

Learn more about UCaaS by watching an on-demand Webinar about Allstream’s Hosted Collaboration Solution.


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