Why Allstream sponsored the greatest outdoor show on Earth

The 100 anniversary of the Calgary Stampede was a great opportunity for food, fun and celebrating some local community spirit

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The Calgary Stampede is one summer festival you truly have to experience in person to believe.

Many people try to compare it to their annual midway/carnival, but that would only cover one small portion of it.  This year was the 100th Anniversary of the Stampede and boy, did it live up to expectations, with its high-stakes rodeo, traditional pancake breakfasts, numerous corporate events downtown, and a larger-than-ever fireworks display that was executed from all four corners of the city.

Allstream, which publishes expertIP, hosted events almost every day throughout the 10-day festival, which ran July 6-15, beginning with our annual pancake breakfast on Parade Day.  Through our sponsorship, the Stampede Caravan Breakfast Committee donated supplies and staff, and proudly displayed their Allstream-branded chuckwagon.  We served approximately 2500 people that day!  In total over the course of the ten days of Stampede, the Caravan Committee served over 100,000 people, which guaranteed maximum brand exposure for us!

Other notable events for Allstream throughout the week included an evening at Ranahans premium restaurant for the Chuckwagon Races and Grandstand Show.  Our guests were also treated to a brief presentation by the head of the chuckwagon committee before the event, and after dinner, were part of a scotch tasting.

On the final weekend, we hosted guests in the Rodeo Infield and at the world famous Cowboys tent.  Customers got a behind-the-scenes tour of the chutes and rodeo dressing rooms by former Bareback champ and world-record holder, Davey Shields Jr.  Overall, it was a memorable 100th anniversary experience for our customers.

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