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Why not all DDoS attacks are alike

How to identify DDoS attacks

Today’s IP news roundup highlights some of the latest headlines in network, IT security, and data analytics:

Tips for dealing with massive DDoS attacks: A recent ComputerWorld India feature outlines the top five tips for CIO and technology decision makers to manage the rise of DDoS Attacks. The tips include understanding the type of DDoS attack that’s coming, ensuring that your anti-DDoS provider is sharing the appropriate security data, and being clear of the pricing structure provided by any DDoS provider.

Old-school Wi-Fi causing new school problems: According to a recent Network World article, the early Wi-Fi standards that made today’s IP connected world a mainstream reality are now becoming a potential hindrance to future network evolution. In the words of Cisco Systems, newer standards such as IEEE 802.11 – now available in numerous versions with speeds up to 6.9Gbps – require access points and devices to be compatible with older 1990’s era technologies, such as the “once-popular 802.11b.” As a result, Cisco engineers are proposing standards changes to streamline unnecessary traffic. Check out Network World for more.

Why proactive network security should be the “norm, not the exception”: A recent ITProPortal article outlines the reasons why organizations need to step up their game when it comes to network security. While everyone can’t be – or wants to be – an expert when it comes to network security, the piece notes that taking proactive steps like conducting regular network security audits and understanding the breadth and scope of all free and commercial network security tools out there and go a long way in promoting a more progressive IT security environment. Speaking of which…

Network security spending to surge this year, according to analysts: A recent Forrester report reveals that more than 46 per cent of companies plan to boost their network security spending in 2014. The survey of 2,000 security professionals also noted that 35 per cent of companies expect to bolster wireless security in the next 12 months, and that “57 per cent of companies want to buy from one vendor because they have enough best-of-breed applications and want to simplify management and integration.” has more.

Avoiding a big “Big Data” faux pas: A Financial Post article states that companies – looking at managing large amounts of structured and unstructured data — should be mindful in how they extract business value from their business information. Mistakes that firms can make include “only considering data in silos” or “disregarding qualitative knowledge.” The complete six “Big Data mistakes” can be found over at Financial Post.

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