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Women Encouraged to Pursue Cyber Security Careers

women in cyber security

Today’s IP news roundup highlights some of the latest headlines in network security:

  • Bletchley Park celebrates female World War II code breakers. An event sponsored by the Cyber Security Challenge UK, the Women’s Security Society and Raytheon explored the history of women in cyber security – starting from their contributions to the Allied code-breaking efforts during WWII. Despite the fact that the majority of Bletchley Park’s staff were women, today less than 10% of the UK cyber security workforce is female. The event helped to raise awareness about this discrepancy and encourage more women to pursue cyber security as a career. For more information on women in cyber security, see the Guardian.
  • A new CDW report cites advanced persistent threats (APTs) and spear-phishing attacks among the top security threats of 2013. The report states that 95% of attacks against enterprise networks stem from successful spear-phishing and that today’s hackers are creating exploits and malware that cannot be detected by off-the-shelf security solutions. According to the report, the popularity of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) “makes opportunities for cybercriminals greater, with more potential vulnerabilities for threat actors to gain profit, steal information and sabotage their targets’ operations.” For information on how to protect yourself against today’s top security threats, download the CDW report.
  • SIP trunking installations don’t need to be complicated. According to an article on No Jitter, some upfront planning and testing can save you a lot of headaches when completing a SIP trunking installation. The article recommends that you use your provider’s trial period to “test and then examine your network and infrastructure for weaknesses or issues”. You should also allow for enough “time to play out different codecs and routing schemes to come up with an optimal solution for your organization.” For more tips on how to ensure your SIP trunking installations go smoothly, see No Jitter.
  • Big data has big challenges. According to a Wall Street Journal article, big data “introduces high stakes to the data-analytics game. There’s a greater potential for privacy invasion, greater financial exposure in fast-moving markets, greater potential for mistaking noise for true insight, and a greater risk of spending lots of money and time chasing poorly defined problems or opportunities.” The article cites a number of challenges that can put companies at risk when they manage large amounts of data – such as not having qualified big data personnel or the security tools to keep their data safe. For more big data challenges, see the Wall Street Journal article.
  • And finally … cloud traffic will quadruple by 2017. According to the latest Cisco Global Cloud Index, cloud traffic is the fastest-growing component of all data centre traffic and will grow from 1.2 zettabytes of annual traffic in 2012 to 5.3 zettabytes by 2017. According to NewsFactor Network, “Cisco predicts about 17 percent of data center traffic will be fueled by end users accessing clouds for web surfing, video streaming, collaboration and connected devices”. For more highlights from Cisco’s Global Cloud Index, see NewsFactor Network.

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