Year in review: Our top tech stories of 2021

This year, technology continued to support virtual workplaces—whether it was the home office or elsewhere—and some of our most popular articles focused on the IT trends and developments that can assist employees wherever they’re working.

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Year in Review

As we say goodbye to 2021 and hello to 2022, you may be wondering what the new year will have in store for how we work, where we work and what new IT advancements will come into play.

Looking at the past year and the topics that resonated most with our readers, we’ve gleaned insights into what lays ahead. And readers also learned about the Allstream team and their interests outside of work, as well as the innovative things they’re doing in their roles.

SIP Trunking

SIP vs PRI: Finding the best communication solution


Maybe you’re looking to upgrade your legacy system. Maybe you need more flexibility to support a remote workforce. If you’re deciding between SIP and PRI — or a hybrid of the two — there are a number of factors to consider for your current and future requirements.

SIP Trunking

Is legacy PBX holding you back? How SIP can help

SIP trunking

The post-pandemic office will likely look a whole lot different than it did at the start of 2020. So if your legacy PBX wasn’t serving you pre-pandemic, it might be time to start thinking about SIP trunking or hybrid SIP/PRI for the future of work.

Unified Communications

UC trends: UCaaS, UC&C and SIP

UCaaS and UC&C trends for 2021

Unified communication and collaboration is on the rise, and this year it’s about to get a lot more integrated, intelligent and immersive. Here’s what to watch for in UCaaS, UC&C and SIP Trunking this year — including the rise of artificial intelligence in virtual meetings.

IT Management

Hospitality trends in a post-pandemic world

hospitality trends in a post-pandemic world

In a new webinar, Allstream hosts a panel of IT experts in the hospitality industry who discuss the challenges of personalization, the rise of cloud communication platforms and what we can expect from hotel brands in a world after COVID-19.

Unified Communications

Enhance your hosted phone system with Call2Teams

Allstream Call2Teams

Allstream’s Microsoft Teams integration with Call2Teams is a practical, simple add-on for existing UC Cloud Voice and Mitel on-premise customers that allows them to leverage the full suite of features of their existing UC solution in the MS Teams environment.

IT Management

How to create an inclusive hybrid workplace

hybrid workplace

As we start to think about life after the pandemic, Cisco execs share tips on how to make the hybrid workplace more engaging, inclusive and collaborative — for employees and their customers — during this virtual Cisco Live conference.

Customer Service

What customer service means at Allstream

customer service at Allstream

When it comes to customer service and support, actions speak louder than words. We talk to Gioele La Para, customer service manager at Allstream, about the evolution of customer support and what we’re doing to walk the talk.

IT Management

Leading the way for women in technology

women in technology

We talk to Allstream’s Kelly Pitaoulis, the new Vice Chair of WCT-AB, about how things have changed for women in technology since she began her career and what she hopes to achieve with the newly resurrected Alberta chapter of IEEE’s WCT.

IT Management

Allstream staff share their pandemic hobbies

Allstream pandemic hobbies

From Star Wars-themed cross-stitching to building electric guitars, quilling, quilting, roller blading and renovations, we share some of the unique hobbies, projects and creative pursuits that got us through long days of lockdown—and brought a little Zen into our lives.

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