Your DDoS defence strategy starts here

Our six-part video series with Arbor Networks concludes with a discussion on how to be proactive about managing the fallout from hactivist attacks before they happen

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When organizations are hit by distributed denial of service attacks, everyone thinks their IT systems are the most important. Unfortunately, that attitude can also lead to increased chaos when so-called hacktivists strike.

In the final clip of a six-part video discussion with Allstream’s Craig Deveau, Dr. Jose Navario of Arbor Networks talks about the need to prioritize various parts of the business that would have to come back up first in the event of a DDoS attack and ensure all the business units are on the same page about the plan.

“Part of it is bringing together the right stakeholders from different groups who are affected by these and setting expectations,” he said. “Better do this beforehand than in the heat of an attack, when everybody is screaming at you.”

Watch the full 3.5-minute clip below.

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