Your head start to IT success in 2013 begins here

Our LinkedIn Group is kicking off the new year with a poll to gauge which topics will reflect the priorities of technology professionals across the country. Vote early, vote often

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We’re officially into the New Year and that means the endless supply of turkey and Toffifee is over.  Sigh. As everyone settles back into the grooves in their office chairs and battles the new waves of emails hitting their inbox, we’re busy preparing a whole new series of articles and content to help you through 2013.  And we want your feedback to make sure you get the expert advice you need.  Here’s how.


We host a LinkedIn Group called IT Networking IdeaStream which we hope you join.  (And it’s easy as pie! Just follow this link and then click Join Group.)

The group promotes IT hot topic discussions (think Big Data, Cloud and Videoconferencing) as well as tips on IT best practices and new ideas in network computing from veterans in the industry. We encourage any IT professional from across the country who are in charge of delivering improved connectivity and collaboration tools to join the group and get involved in the discussions.

The group is powered by our social media team here at Allstream (powered is just a fancy way of saying we moderate the page and make sure all the links work! 😛 ), but we want this to be an open community where everyone has valued input.  And at Allstream we’re committed to contributing expert guidance to the group and reporting on trends, innovations and best-in-class solutions. So you’ll see our smiling faces on the discussions as well.

To kick things off, answer our poll on the LinkedIn group page which asks which IT topic matters to you the most. We’ll use the results to tailor new content for you throughout the year.


We launched in April this past year and have been happy to deliver top-knotch expert content to our readers.  Over these first few quarters we’ve grown a group of over 60 contributors from the industry, our partners, customers, and our own experts at Allstream.  And we’ve published almost 300 articles to date based on topics that matter to our customers! So what were the top articles from 2012?  Drumroll please…

    1. What NASA’s Curiosity rover tells us about networks
    2. Data Privacy in the Cloud: 5 things you didn’t know
    3. How Olympics 2012 turned into an IT cautionary tale

What was your favourite article of the year?  Did we hit the mark on the articles we published?  Did we completely miss out on a topic?  Let us know what you think by adding a comment here on this article.  If you want one of our expert writers to cover a topic that matters to you, your IT department, and your Canadian business our team will make sure we cover it.

Thanks to everyone for following and connecting with us, and we’re already geared up to help deliver even more amazing content to you for 2013.

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